EA's Peter Moore Pt.3

The EA Sports boss talks Project Natal, Mixed Martial Arts, 3D gaming, E3 and more...

We told you he was an open chap. In the first part of our interview with Peter Moore, the EA Sports chief happily discussed the challenges he faced whilst at Microsoft - and those he now has to shoot down at his current employer.

In the second instalment, Moore talked more widely about EA Sport's influence in the non-gaming world - as well as PS3 Motion Control and Cloud Gaming.

Here, in the third and final segment of our interview, he looks to the future - giving his view of EA's Mixed Martial Arts title, Microsoft's Project Natal, 3D gaming and E3 2010.

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Why did you feel Mixed Martial Arts was the next step for EA Sports? What drew you to cage fighting?
It is truly a sport - let's be clear there. We see huge growth, particularly in the US but also in the UK, as well as in the sport itself. The icons of the sport have developed and are continuing to develop. These guys are as big to the 16-34 male as boxers were for me when I was growing up.

It's interesting - on the flight over I watched a documentary of the Thriller in Manila [Muhammad Ali's classic fight against Joe Frazier in 1975]. I'd forgotten how big that fight was in the world at that time. You watched it and realised there's something raw about two guys inside a cage - or a ring - who are magnificent fighters in their prime, just going at it.

We think MMA has the ability to rekindle some of that spark; some of the stuff that I remember for the 70s and 60s in those golden years around boxing. MMA is going to continue its meteoric growth and we want to be part of it. We believe we can bring a different take on it.

Speaking honestly, we also see a vigorous opportunity to grow our fighting stable with Fight Night and now this. We don't ship every single year with Fight Night - and there's a cadence we can get into with MMA [one year] and boxing [the next]. They can benefit from each other - there's a lot of work the teams do in the physics and stand-up fighting in MMA we can go on and use with Fight Night.

What's your view of Project Natal. Have you seen any lag and do you anticipate problems with the price point?
I don't. One thing I learnt being right there in Redmond being a Microsoft employee is that when they apply themselves, boy do they apply themselves - and there's some very smart people [behind their ideas].

Microsoft would not have made the announcement they made and continued to make the announcements they have made about Natal - and their belief in it and the concept that it's a brand new platform - if they didn't believe it would work; and work at a mass market level, and ship it on time this Holiday.

When they say they're going to do something, typically they're able to do it. I don't discount them whatsoever. Like everybody in the industry we're excited about Natal. What we did to our industry with motion [with Wii], we're working with Sony and Microsoft to recapture that lightning in a bottle - particularly at a time when our business is going through a sticky time, when we're asking where is our next big growth platform. I think we're all excited. Again, the democratisation of gaming where you don't have any controller to worry about and just use your body is an exciting concept.

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