Thief 4 making "leaps and bounds"

Fans "will NOT be disappointed," says Eidos Montreal boss

Just like a real burglar, after breaking cover back in May Thief 4's slipped back in to the darkness. And it's taken your expensive power tools with it.

Thankfully though, according to new words from the mouth of Eidos Montreal boss, Stephane D'Astous, the fourth game is shaping up nicely and will soon be back to nick the rest of the contents from your shed.

"Let me reassure you that the team is making leaps and bounds," D'Astous told Incgamers. "Personally I have NEVER seen a team, at this milestone (middle of pre-production) in such good shape!"

And will fans be disappointed with Eidos' imagining of the famous series? Oh no, says D'Astous, fans "will NOT be disappointed with Thief 4."

Less you forget, the team at Eidos Montreal is also working on Deus Ex 3.