It's bargain Tues, er Wed, er... Friday!

Special Christmas edition featuring the best games of 2009

Attention PSM3 community! There are only 27 shopping days to Christmas, which means two things. One: time is tight, and two: money is also tight. However, just because you're fiscally challenged, that doesn't mean you should stop playing games. In fact, with the nights long and the weather crappy, there's nothing better than curling up in a warm house with a stack of great games.

So, without further ado here are the best bargains out there RIGHT NOW:

Skate 2 (PSM3 score 91%) - Best price £12.68 from

Killzone 2 (PSM3 score 88%) - Best price £14.95 from

Street Fighter IV (PSM3 score 95%) - Best price £14.99 from

Resi 5 (PSM3 score 86%) - Best price £21.89 from

Chronicles of Riddick (PSM3 score 79%) - Best price £13.92 from

Red Faction Guerrilla (PSM3 score 86%) - Best price £16.85 from

Ghostbusters (PSM3 score 85%) - Best price £33.95 from

InFamous (PSM3 score 79%) - Best price £14.99 from

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PSM3 score 92%) - Best price £17.99 from

FIFA 10 (PSM3 score 90%) - Best price £32.95 from

Uncharted 2 (PSM3 score 95%) - Best price £37.99 from (You can also pick up the original for £14.99 on Platinum)

DJ Hero (PSM3 score 90%) - Best price £75.38 from

Modern Warfare 2 (PSM3 score 96%) - Best price £32.00 from

Assassin's Creed 2 (PSM3 score 94%) - Best price £32.89 from (Assassin's Creed on Platinum is £9.99 at

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to share any pre-Christmas bargains in the comments section.

Finally, quick shout out to our YouTube page. If you're still undecided about Assassin's Creed 2, our video review has just gone live, and hopefully it'll help you realise just how awesome that game is. Sign up now at:

All the best - have a cracking weekend.

Andy H