Mirror's Edge Countdown

Day One: What's the story?

The launch day of Mirror's Edge is charging at us head-on. It's out in the UK next Friday, 14 November. Here's your chance to check out exclusive assets and win a copy of the game.

CVG has teamed up with EA and created a fancy Mirror's Edge countdown mini-site that'll bring you a quality selection of Mirror's Edge info, movies and artwork every day for the next week. You can also win a copy of the game and that's never to be sniffed at.


The first update focuses on the story behind the game. Mirror's Edge is set in a fictional futuristic metropolis, where overt surveillance keeps an ever watchful eye on the city's inhabitants. People have stopped rallying in protest against the monitoring.

They have accepted the strict regulation of movement and now the city controls their lives. The streets may be clean, but you can't fart without the powers that be checking the smell.

But while the authorities enforce their power over the population, some have made it their business to keep certain things hidden from the overseers.

Runners are athletic couriers hired to transport sensitive information around the city - information that, for one reason or another, isn't intended for the prying eyes of the authorities. Players assume the role of a runner called Faith as she searches to discover why her sister has been framed for a crime she didn't commit. And why she herself is now being hunted by the sharp-shooters and shady agents of the city's corrupt government.

Check back tomorrow for another update to the Mirror's Edge countdown site.