Mirror's Edge demo on PSN today

...and 360 tomorrow

EA has confirmed that a demo for Mirror's Edge will go live on the PS Store today, and on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow.

The demo to the brilliant-looking free-running sim will contain "the prologue of the game, a tutorial and a segment of the single-player story mode."


Interestingly, as previously reported, those of you who pre-order the game will also get an unlock code for a hidden Time Trial mode within the demo.

"Time Trial is an addictive mode that challenges players to use their speed and best moves to find the fastest routes throughout the city. Gamers can upload their best time to the Mirror's Edge online leaderboards for their friends to download and compete against," explains EA. Sounds cool.

As well as the demo arriving early on PSN, Sony has also secured DLC exclusivity for the PS3.

If you can't get to your PS3 right now, have a look at some gorgeous footage.