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Article: Year's biggest games inside (updated)

Like 2007, 2008 has been a great year for games. Just think about all those titles that have hit shops this past month (and those still to come).

Oh wait, what's that? You can't remember them all? It's not surprising considering all the noise some publishers like to make over their big game launches. What better time, then, to compile all the reviews of this year's biggest titles in one place? This is what you'll be spending all your cash on after all.

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Mirror's Edge - 9.0
No one knew what to expect from Mirror's Edge. It's unique and incomparable blend of first-person gameplay and platforming had us all intrigued. And even if the small shooting parts aren't quite as good as we'd have hoped, Mirror's Edge is anything but your average gaming experience.


Gears of War 2 - 9.3
Gears of War 2 is the most gorgeous and, pound-for-pound, stellar shooter of 2008. That's more than reason enough to badge it as one of the year's biggest reviews, but when you consider that Epic's managed to stick a credible story on one of the most brainless, balls-to-wall action game ever, it needs special recognition.


GTA IV - 9.5
GTA IV was always going to lead the way - almost snapping the internet with every trailer released leading up to its launch. GTA, concluded, still has its flaws but it's nevertheless an unmissable experience and is the best sandbox shooter yet.


Mario Kart Wii - 8.8
We've played it every lunchtime since it arrived. Every. Single. Day. You can dispute all day about whether it's as good, or requires as much skill as the Super NES original, but you can't say it's not brilliant in four-player. One of Wii's best.


Dead Space - 9.1
This was somewhat a surprise gem for us. We've always thought it looked good, but it just turns out to be one of the most genuinely unnerving games ever made. You only need to watch these exclusive videos to see what we mean. Incredible.


LittleBigPlanet - 9.6
LittleBigPlanet is not a game you play, put down and forget about until you next turn on the PS3. It's a full-time occupation. A potential obsession. But most of all it's the platform-defining title that PS3 needed this side of Christmas.

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