100 Gaming Horrors pt. 1

PSW's 100 of the best gaming shockers...

Games, eh? They're liable to throw a few surprises your way, and whether it's the Nemesis crashing through the walls of Raccoon City or Silent Hill's sexy zombie nurses, games shock. In many different ways, and here are PSW's 100 of the best (in no particular order)...


1. Resident Evil 4 plays the scary bagman
So there you are, minding your own business, fending off crazed villagers, picking up ammo, shooting red crystals, the usual stuff. Just trying to work out what the fudge happened here, when all of a sudden the buzz of a chainsaw cuts through the air, and lurching towards you is a raving nutter with a potato sack over his head. You back off, frantically reloading your gun. Stalking you throughout the game, Sackhead is miles better than the Nemesis and just as scary as Pyramid Head.

2. Sergeant Jackson's untimely death in Call Of Duty 4
Just when you think you're the hero following the brave rescue of a downed chopper pilot from enemy-infested streets, a nuclear blast goes off and engulfs your own escape helicopter. Killing off one of the main good guys is a brave move in itself, but having you control him as he crawls out of the wreckage, takes one last look at the radiation-swept town and slumps to the ground is quite moving.

3. The realisation that MotorStorm at E3 was 'target footage'
Oh my god! Those cars, they're like photos. Such was the acclaim that greeted the world's first glimpse of MotorStorm after Sony showed a trailer of the 'game'. Only it was an optimistic pointer of what the game SHOULD look like, and not what it actually did look like. Sony had pulled the wool over our eyes, critics and Sony's rivals had a field day.


4. The size of the cutscenes in MGS4
Everyone knew they were going to be big, but no one thought they would be that big. Luckily, the actual game bits were good enough to wait for, yet even after hours of non-playable stuff, the final Hollywood-baiting epic of a cut-scene had us numb-arsed, red-eyed and wondering at Hideo Kojima's gall.

5. The 'zombie level' in Half-Life 2
Even after its brilliant AI, physics, weaponry and atmosphere, Half-Life 2 still managed to floor us with its total change of tone as we entered Ravenholm, walking straight into a night-time horror starring shambling zombies and face-sucking head crabs. It was terrifying.

6. Tony Hawk's does Jackass in Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Between the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, and Proving Ground and Project 8, the series lost its way when it gave Jackass jerk Bam Margera a role in THUG2. The 'plot' has you joining Team Hawk and going up against Team Bam in a skating-and-stunts tour that ends with Margera showing his arse. Hilarious.

7. Beijing 2008 causes more than a few sports injuries
We've had our fingers burnt by button bashers before, but Beijing 2008 was something else. Just to qualify for some events required a monumental amount of digital dexterity on our part.


8. Taking Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 online
Offline, PES2008 was generally good. Online, it was a different story. The series' debut on PS3 was supposed to be a glorious homecoming. Instead, it was a different story. The framerate dropped so low it was like watching a stop-motion animation, while bizarre glitches meant players teleported about the pitch - including the goalkeeper, usually just before making a save.

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