PSM3#106 On-Sale Now

First Bioshock, PES 2009 reviews... more


PSM3#106 is on-sale now at all good newsagents, with the world-first PS3 review of 2K's excellent Bioshock, including details of all the PS3 extras, trophies and how it compares to the Xbox original. Xbox's best single player shooter is, arguably, even better on PS3, and strikes a victory for atmosphere and originality in the crowded shooter marketplace.

To celebrate Bioshock's incredible, but torturous development process, we're also giving away a glossy 'Making Of' supplement that reveals the incredible path from drawing board to finished game - including mad early concept sketches of Big Daddies in wheelchairs with guns on their laps. It's a must-read for fans of original games, and a valuable insight into the creative process, and need for endless revision. At one stage, the game's iconic Little Sisters were mutant slugs, at another, twisted child robots - until the developers hit upon the design you see today. It's the ideal companion to one of PS3's best shooters, and a genuine collector's piece.

We're the only mag with the head-to-head reviews of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and FIFA 09, and at the risk of lapsing into the usual cliche, it's genuinely the most absorbing contest for years. While you can probably guess which game comes out on top, you might be surprised at the intensity of the competition - for those who've accused us of being biased against FIFA in the past, we'd implore you to read on.

We've also got reviews of Ubisoft's WWII shooter Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Smackdown-rival TNA iMPACT!, a controversial take on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and SSX-style racer Pure - and why it almost, but not quite, measures up to Motorstorm.

We look at the culture of PS3 trophy chasing, and how it's stopping hardcore players from actually playing games for fun, and an investigation into the '20 Best Games You'll Never Play... and Why They Were Cancelled'.

Our dual-DVD is packed with the usual HD movies, wallpapers and features; plus over 300 PSP/PS3 cheats to download for all the best games. You'll need a PC/Mac (and a USB stick) to make it work, but it's well worth it - especially to play as Fat Drake in Uncharted Drake's Fortune, or take the F1 for a spin in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It may take a few minutes to transfer the save files, but it'll save you 100s of hours of playing time to achieve spectacular, game-enhancing, results. Check it out. One word of warning, mind: we've learned the Soul Calibur IV save may overwrite your existing profile, so either save it elsewhere, or proceed with caution.

Enjoy the issue. As ever, we'd welcome your feedback below - and tell us what you want to see more/less of in future.



p.s. Sorry for the infrequent blogs - it's a staffing/intensity of reviews over the Autumn period thing, but too boring to expand. More regular blogging, soon.