PCG: Showdown - three days to go!

EA's exciting FPS Mirror's Edge playable on PC Gamer Showdown show floor

PC Gamer Showdown, the large-scale LAN even hosted by our chums at PC Gamer, is only three days away.


The event boasts 500 BYOC LAN (we've still no clue) with multiple tournaments, major prizes and exclusive hands-on play of tons of upcoming titles, including EA's fantastic looking Mirror's Edge.

DICE's shooter-come-first-person-platformer has captivated both the press and public for months, so we're expecting big crowds around EA's demo pods this weekend.

Here's what PSW magazine had to say in its recent preview: "Mirror's Edge looks incredibly gripping and has a beautiful heroine as its central character. This is a high-concept shooter that represents a new EA, as the mega-publisher tries to reposition itself as a gamer's friend... and it's working.

"The controls might sound rudimentary and overly simple when put like that, but it's what you can do, chaining them together with wall-walks, balancing and main character Faith's thundering sprint, that really makes you hold your breath when you're watching. Seeing Faith in action, your mouth goes pleasantly slack before you've even fired a bullet."

Read the PC Gamer: Showdown FAQ here.

PC Gamer Showdown is being held at Stoneleigh Park (also known as the National Agriculture Centre) in Warwickshire. Stoneleigh Park, (B4113, Stoneleigh Road), Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ.

Get your tickets for just £7.50 here.