Mirror's Edge dated, pre-orders get bonus

November 14 for EA's free-running FPS

EA has slapped an official street date on its exciting FPS Mirror's Edge, which will be out in Europe on Xbox and PS3 on November 14.

Developer DICE has also detailed the demo, which will be hitting Xbox Live and PSN ahead of the November release.

The demo features the prologue of the game including the tutorial and a segment of the single-player story mode, says the developer.

But from September 26 (in the US this looks like) anyone who pre-orders Mirror's Edge will get a code that unlocks the Time Trial mode in the demo - you can even race against your friends' 'ghost' run as they scramble across the rooftops.


"Mirror's Edge is bringing something new to the action-adventure genre this holiday by putting the player in the shoes of the hero, seeing what she sees, feeling what she feels," says Owen O'Brien, Senior Producer, DICE. "We wanted to create an entirely new experience, with a different type of heroine and a world that not only looks fresh and new but has unique gameplay."

A release date for the PC version is still forthcoming, though EA says it'll be out in the winter. Stick your eyes on the latest preview here.