Never Lose at UTIII

Tips: Pwn ass with Team Dignitas' expert tips

Has your fragging become a little too fragile for the ferocious online pace of Unreal Tournament III on PC? Are you a PS3 or 360 owner who's scared of joining in online? Or are your teammates getting a little too handy with a sniper rifle for your liking? Fret not, we're here to help.

We've enlisted the help of Dave 'Zaccubus' Treacy, the UTIII specialist for professional gaming clan Team Dignitas.' They actually win real money you can spend in real shops for being good at games. That's even better than what we do!


Here's what you need to know to be a contender. Spot the sponsorship plug!

Learn the weapons

Professional players learn the weapons inside out. Not only do you have to think of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of range and capacity, but how much damage they cause an opponent. If you hit them three times, you can calculate how much health they have left and whether you should chase them for the kill, or stay back and not risk being fragged yourself.


Movement is one of the key aspects to Unreal Tournament. There are plenty of dodging movements you can make in Unreal Tournament III, but you have to choose them carefully. Sometimes they work well, but other times they are too obvious, and will end up getting you killed.


Almost the most important part of playing Unreal Tournament III, timing is crucial for controlling the vital elements of the game and, most importantly, maintaining that control.

Weapons respawn every 21 seconds, and armour every 55 seconds, so keep an eye on the time, and be back at the spawn point ready to regain the vital armour and prevent your opponents from doing the same.

Find your own play style

Everyone has their own preferences about how to play. Some people like to keep their distance and take things slower, others like the frenzy of big battles. Make sure you know your strengths, but also master other styles so you're never caught wrong-footed.

Get to know your opponents

Often when you play games like Unreal Tournament, you will play against the same people a lot of the time, whether via LAN or online. Get to know your opponents and the way they play. This isn't an instant winner, but it's very hard to go into a room of experienced strangers and dominate from the word go.

Know the maps

It sounds obvious, but often people don't realise what this actually means. Knowing the layout and where to go isn't enough. Knowing the map means having the ability to run around the map backwards without hitting a single obstacle. Unreal Tournament is faster than a lot of other games, and if you hit a wall when you're playing, you're an easy frag.

Combine your team

If you're playing team games then make sure you work together. Too many people just play for themselves, which is no good for themselves and, more importantly, is detrimental to the team.

Invest in decent audio

You can't achieve Unreal Tournament greatness without a good audio set up with surround sound. This enables you to use another sense to keep track of other players and where you're being attacked from, so you can react better and stay alert.

Go quad-core

I have lost games before simply due to my opponents having a faster PC than me. Don't succumb to the same fate and invest in a decent processor. Team Dignitas use the new Intel Core2 Quad processors, which are the best around.


It sounds obvious but you can't be good at any game immediately. Get practising, and only play the games you enjoy!