2008's Best PS3 Games

Feature: Games to rock your PS3 to

It's been a tough 2007 for Sony and PS3, with the majority of the year seeing the console take the place of the underdog. But when you look at the best PS3 games coming up, that all changes.

In November PS3 finally outsold Wii in Japan, and following a number of attempts with the SKU Sony finally appears to have hit the right note with the 40GB model. Since its launch, sales have shown a significant increase.

There's now rumblings that 2008 is the year PS3 will start to throw its weight around. Home will launch, and major titles including MGS4, Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo 5 will - hopefully - offer 200-percent proof that the console is a force to be reckoned with.

As our own PS3s tremble in excited anticipation, we've looked ahead into the next 12 months and picked out the game's you'll want to hound like a love-sick puppy...


Killzone 2
The failure of the original Killzone FPS to live up to the hype hasn't dampened anticipation - which is rampant - for the sequel and it's one of Sony's major first-party releases in 2008. It's abundantly clear that everyone wants this game to be awesome.

Cinematic flair has gone through the roof in the sequel, and the new first-person cover system is an exciting addition. Plus the real shooting meat is enjoyable as well. A combination of animation and physics make the Helgast satisfying to shoot; properly rendered blood splatters out realistically while Guerilla's excellent motion capture work creates some great looking death routines, complete with flailing arms and dives to the floor.


Metal Gear Solid 4
Baffling, potentially brilliant, plot aside, Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily one of PS3's best-looking, most-anticipated, exclusive games - and thanks to the intuitive, yet deep, controls there's never been a better time to sample Snake's charms. It's coming bundled with Metal Gear Online too, and what a package that's going to make!


Grand Theft Auto IV
Yes, GTA IV isn't exclusive to PS3, but let's face facts - it's going to be absolutely massive. That's reason 'a' for its inclusion in the list. Reason 'b' is this: Microsoft was making a big song and dance about Xbox 360 being the only console in 2007 that'd have GTA IV and Halo 3. But of course, GTA IV got delayed to 2008.

Turning that on its head, you can know declare that PS3 is the only console in 2008 that'll get GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 (or/and Killzone 2, or/and Gran Turismo 5, yadda, yadda).


Resident Evil 5
Capcom's Resident Evil 4 was one of the best videogames ever made - fact - and as a result anticipation for number five is HUGE. We've been drip-fed information to date, but we do that that series stalwart Chris Redfield is returning as the lead character and that the zombies aren't just zombies any more - they're of human form, with intelligence.

It's looking like the majority of Resident Evil 5 will be played from the same third-person, over the shoulder, as 4, and producer Jun Takeuchi has spoken of the game being influenced by Ridley Scott's visceral war epic Black Hawk Down. We can't wait.


Unreal Tournament III
How many different types of multiplayer slaughter could any man - or woman - ask for? Epic's Unreal Tournament has plenty and, on top of all the carnage, the game looks the mutt's nuts thanks to Unreal Engine 3 lying at its beating heart. It'll have your jaws hitting the floor and hanging around in the carpet pile.

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