Undercover: Operation Wintersun

Science has never been so fun!

Not until someone picks up the publishing rights for 'Uptight Traffic Wardens featuring Heather Mills' will you find a protagonist as scorn-worthy as Dr John Russell.

It's not that he eats babies or anything, he's just a wet cabbage. Imagine Rupert Giles from Buffy, except without the self-depreciating wit and you're there. Russell's dour personality is complemented perfectly by the least enthusiastic voice acting this side of a hostage situation, meaning that it's a real struggle to avoid siding with Hitler throughout this otherwise serviceable World War II point-and-clicker.


Russell is a scientist forced to go undercover in 1943 Berlin in an attempt to prevent the Germans getting their mitts on nuclear technology. Due to Russell's area of expertise, the puzzles are a little more McGyver-ish than are usual, often requiring you (for example) to mix solutions using spirits, rock salt and God knows what else to progress.

There's nothing actually wrong with the riddles being a bit more oblique than usual, but that's dependent on the game showing you all the pieces of the puzzle with clarity. Instead, you'll be left scouring the floor for items no bigger than a gnat's nutsack.

When inevitably you miss one, it's trial and error all round. "That doesn't make much sense", Russell continuously offers. I KNOW, YOU INSUFFERABLE FOOL. THAT'S WHY I'M TRYING TO DO IT.

The verdict

Keep it under wraps

Lighthouse Interactive