PS3: The Ones to Watch

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No matter what you say about PlayStation 3 (and its detractors say plenty) there's no denying it has some great looking games coming this Christmas.

In fact, there are so many great games coming at the end of the year that choosing our most wanted was far harder a task than we expected.

When massive games such as Mercenaries 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 don't make the list (not to mention all those games planned for 2008, such as MGS4, Resident Evil 5, Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII) you know you're looking at an avalanche of quality.


Heavenly Sword

Beautiful. That's the only way to describe this PS3-exclusive action adventure. A stunning combination of eye-popping visuals and sensual martial arts action, Heavenly Sword is the cinematic story of a doomed warrior princess on an almost hopeless mission of redemption.

Powerful stuff, but it's the incredible free-style combat system that proves to be the big draw, allowing you to dive into a crowd of bad guys and kick up all kinds of dust and broken bone hell.

There are significant big screen links too: King Kong actor Andy Serkis not only appears in the game, he's also had a big hand in the plot development. Anything else we can add? Rumour has it that it takes a sixth of PS3's power to handle heroine Nariko's hair alone. Birds, eh?

More here. Because it's worth it.


Army of Two

Co-operative gameplay is coming back in a big way, and Army of Two looks like being the ultimate expression of two-player, collaborative gaming. Unusual for an Electronic Arts game (in the sense it's not a sequel), this third-person shooter sees two soldiers working together as a team against insurmountable odds.

Whether that's laying down covering fire, exchanging ammo or administering CPR in particularly dire circumstances (the aim being to stop your partner "entering the light"), Army of Two takes two-player games in a totally new, refreshing and much needed direction. Of course, everything hinges on the artificial intelligence of the second soldier when you're playing by yourself, but that's the kind of challenge PS3 will eat for breakfast, right?

An army of previews and shots can be found here.


Assassin's Creed

The fact that Assassin's Creed comes from the same stable responsible for both Splinter Cell and, to a greater extent, the recent Prince of Persia trilogy is all the reason you need to get excited about this unique take on the stealth genre.

The idea of barging through a crowd, poking a knife into somebody's guts and then melting back into a crowded alley is one of the most original gaming concepts we've come across since that Russian bloke decided to create a game based on falling LEGO bricks. Not only that, it's easily one of the best looking next-gen games we've seen to date. Recent storyline revelations leave a bit to be desired (futuristic studies on 'genetic inheritance'?), but we think the action more than speaks for itself.

See for yourself.


Burnout Paradise

If there was ever a game series that pushed the PS2's hardware to breaking point it was Burnout - and that's just what we're expecting from the first PS3 entry into the series.

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