24 new Zelda DS screens and new info

A heap load of new screenshots and details for what could be the best DS game to date

New Zelda: Phantom Hourglass details and images have been flying in thick and fast and we know you Nintendo guys are lapping it all up. Here's another treat - 24 new screenshots and more nuggets of info.

The purple dude is a fairy called Shiera, who will offer useful advice to Link in his quest to rescue Tetra who, at the start of the game, is kidnapped by a Phantom Ship.

Unlike in Wind Waker, Link is not the captain of the ship - his boat is actually helmed by the shifty-looking bloke in the blue coat, names Lineback, who's tasked Link with rescuing Tetra.


To find the phantom ship you have retrieve sea charts from several temples across the sea, each one cursed with an evil spell that drains Link's power constantly. Only when sand is poring through the phantom hourglass will Link not be damaged, although there are also safe spots in each dungeon, that remain unaffected by the curse.

This means the more sand you gather for your hourglass, the further you can roam into temples, acquiring more charts which allow you to sail further into the ocean. Sounds awesome.

And is it us but does this game keep getting better-looking each time Nintendo shows it off - check out that huge volcano puffing smoke into the air, and the detail on Link's boat.

We can't wait for this. It's pencilled in for a June release in Japan, so we could have a copy land on our desks any day. Detailed impressions will follow.