CVG Most Wanted: DS

Feature: CVG salutes the best upcoming DS titles

What's this then? The CVG Most Wanted award - that blue spot brandished across this page - recognises those games in development which the CVG editors themselves are most looking forward to playing.

The specially trained artist in our crack production laboratory (the bloke in the corner of the office next to the printer) has designed the award to recognise the truly epic and ground-breaking titles - these are the games CVG would be first in the queue for on the morning of release and ones which we'd actually spend our own hard earned dollars on.

Any game which receives the CVG Most Wanted Award will have the badge proudly displayed on its game page to advise you of the titles we believe are a sign of true gaming excellence.

Today we present the first ten DS games to receive The CVG Most Wanted award:


Sonic Rush Adventure

Sega needn't have given us any specific details about this game. Just by being the sequel to Sonic Rush, it automatically became one of our most anticipated games.

But Sega DID speak about what to expect and it sounds awesome. The main point is that, despite the addition of the word 'Adventure' on the title which, for the console games, equated to 'naff 3D and shoddy physics', Sonic Rush Adventure retains the same awesome 2D mega-sprinting seem in the first DS title. But added to this game are new 3D actions stages that let you use the stylus to control a hover craft, water bike and submarine, then take on 3D bosses.

You can see these new stages in action with screens tucked away elsewhere on the site.


Custom Robo Arena

It's got giant robots that fight. That's what we like in our games, although recent mech games on other platforms have been a bit on the dull side (cough... Chrome Hounds).

But this isn't dull. You take your robot into huge battle arenas to pound the crap out of other robots with fat rockets, bombs and other explosive weapons in hectic bouts. Win and you move on, earning parts to customise your robot as you go. And if that's not already THE NUTS to you, throw in online versus play too. That sounds like "WINNER" to us.

More assets and stuff is here, but keep an eye out for a lot more in the run up to its UK release.


Kirby Mouse Attack

He may be a giant, round, slightly gay-looking pink puff ball but we've got no problems with admitting we still love Kirby games, and he's already had a good run at DS with Kirby: Power Paintbrush.

Kirby Mouse Attack, aka Kirby Squeak Squad (what is it with Kirby and rubbish game names?), is one for fans of his old-school platformers (yes, that's you, don't be shy). Only this time you can mix the abilities of multiple enemies. Plus Kirby can now interact with the environment too, burning trees with his flame breath and freezing water with ice breath. He's all about powerful breath, is Kirby.

Embrace his pink power. Look at more screens here.


Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales

This year is a dream year for DS-owning Final Fantasy fans. Square Enix is all over the dual-screen handheld with FFIII, Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates and this, a Final Fantasy-themed mini game romp.

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