CVG Most Wanted: PS3

CVG salutes the best upcoming PS3 titles

What's this then? The CVG Most Wanted award - that blue spot brandished across this page - recognises those games in development which the CVG editors themselves are most looking forward to playing.

The specially trained artist in our crack production laboratory (the bloke in the corner of the office next to the printer) has designed the award to recognise the truly epic and ground-breaking titles - these are the games CVG would be first in the queue for on the morning of release and ones which we'd actually spend our own hard earned dollars on.

Any game which receives the CVG Most Wanted Award will have the badge proudly displayed on its game page to advise you of the titles we believe are a sign of true gaming excellence.

Today we proudly present the first ten PS3 games to receive The CVG Most Wanted award...


Little Big Planet

Sharing a nod with PS Home, Little Big Planet almost single-handedly reversed the tornado of negative PR spindling around PlayStation 3 earlier this year. At the GDC press conference where it was first unveiled the audience entered with an air of cynicism, and left with surprised grins and applause.

It's the vehicle behind Phil Harrison's long-touted 'Game 3.0' philosophy, allowing users to craft their own levels and experiences with an endless list of tools at your disposal. Shoot online and then you can share your creations with the rest of the world in a "YouTube for games" style setup. This one's going to be massive.

Say "awww" at the cut characters on the LBP game page.


Heavenly Sword

Beautiful. That's the only way to describe Heavenly Sword. In a nut shell it's a stunning combination of eye-popping visuals and sensual martial arts action, telling the cinematic tale of a doomed warrior princess on an almost hopeless mission of redemption.

Past the theatrics it's thankfully the impressive free-style combat system that proves to be the big draw, allowing you to dive into a crowd of bad guys and kick up all kinds of dust and flung limbs. Andy 'Golum' Serkis has also had a big hand in development; Heavenly Sword certainly is PS3's precious...


Army of Two

Army of Two is undoubtedly one of most gorgeous-looking PS3 games we've seen, utilising some particularly staggering graphical effects like the impressive water tech previously used in Hollywood flick The Perfect Storm.

It's looking equally impressive in the gameplay stakes as well, with what's looking like the biggest and best co-op campaign since the care-free days of Streets of Rage. EA's best console game in years? We reckon so.

An army of previews and shots can be found here.


Assassin's Creed

From the French masterminds behind Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, it's easy to get excited over the Ubisoft Montreal's next big thing, Assassins Creed.

Other than the platforming action transferred straight from the Prince's excellent adventure, Assassin's Creed's crowd tech is also raising eyebrows across the media universe and the plot looks to hide more than a few head-spinning twists.

We're definitely keeping an eye on this one - and quietly wagering a few quid it'll turn out in the top three titles of the year.

See for yourself.


The Darkness

It's been all-eyes on Starbreeze Studios since the cult classic shooter Chronicles of Ridick: Escape from Butcher Bay exploded on the original Xbox, and its next effort based on comic book The Darkness is exciting both gamers, comic fans and lonely Goth-types at once.

With a story penned by series writer Paul Jenkins The Darkness looks to retain all of the mature content and extreme violence of its source material. It also looks to turn conventional FPS gaming on its head with its wild and gruesome Darkness powers. Bound for greatness.

A scarce amount of detail here.


Burnout Paradise

If there was ever a game series that pushed the PS2's hardware to breaking point it was Burnout - and that's just what we're expecting from the first PS3 entry into the series.

Apart from the usual stupidly-fast sense of speed and ultra-destructive crash sequences the PS3's technical muscle is being used to create Burnout Paradise's fully free-roaming, unseen in other racers, open world, which is enough to give any racing fan palpitations.

Rev your engine here.


Devil May Cry 4

We've been waiting for the return of PlayStation's premier action game since day one, and Devil May Cry 4 certainly didn't disappoint when it reared its demonic head with stunning visuals and more action than Arnie's bedroom.

The fourth installment promises even more frantic sword-gun action with the introduction of Nero, who can use his 'Devil Bringer' ability to grapple and re-arrange enemies making for potentially endless chains of combos. We'll put the hordes to the test when it finally arrives at the end of the year.

It's tears before bedtime over on the DMC4 game page


Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Now that developer Insomniac Games has honed it's PS3 wizardry with Resistance: Fall of Man, it can concentrate fully on firing Ratchet & Clank's PS3 debut out of the great development cannon.

Tools of Destruction promises to be huge, imaginative, stupidly destructive and contain enough weaponry to make Kim Jong-il blush, plus Insomniac's amazing ability to squeeze every ounce of power out of PlayStation hardware has made for some truly staggering visual displays. We reckon this could turn out to be the very best Ratchet & Clank yet.

Fill your boots on thegame page.


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The return of the world's premiere stealth series and PS3's most stunning game to date is fast approaching, and like previous entries before it we're expecting MGS4 to be a real shocker (in a good way).

This time around there really is no place to hide as the battlefield moves from traditional stealth territory to a more free-roaming style of play across large, open-plan environments.

What we're really looking forward to are creator Hideo Kojima's continually left-field attempts to develop new styles of play, in this case consulting actual psychiatrists on how best to introduce an element of "mental battle" between Snake and his enemies. What better send off could Solid Snake ask for?

Plenty more Snake right here.


Grand Theft Auto 4

We've seen the trailer, we've sucked up the magazine tidbits and we're still as enthused for Rockstar's massive fourth crime opus as when we first saw the big Roman numerals crop up at E3 last year.

There's still plenty under wraps but what we've seen of GTA IV so far suggests that Rockstar's going to manage the impossible and live up to fans' stupidly-high expectations, which in theory at least means we're about to enter another Christmas of absolute GTA mania.

A little more here. And by little we mean little.