Blu-ray: UK-compatible films revealed

Hitch does. Reservoir Dogs doesn't. Full list revealed...

Got your PS3? Well, if you fancy importing some Blu-ray movies from the US (often available weeks before the UK release), the situation is complicated. Some work. Some don't. Why? PS3's Blu Ray regional lock out is at publishers' discretion, so there's no way to guarantee that a disc will work until you've tried it. Well, until now...

Yep, you can find out via this website here
It's a pretty extensive list. Britain is 'region B' in Blu-ray terminology, and the list reveals that you can play, among other things, the following flicks on your UK PS3:

Corpse Bride
The Departed
50 First Dates (w00t)
Lethal Weapon
Silent Hill
Superman Returns
Terminator 2
And lots more besides.

And Blu-ray discs that won't work here...

American Psycho
Rocky Balboa
Casino Royale
Gone In 60 Seconds
Saw 3
X-Men: Last Stand

Check the link above for more, but there's a healthy amount of playable movies there. So you can't be too disappointed. How are finding Blu-ray so far? Got any technical queries about PS3? Head over to our forum