22 Amazing PS3 Tips - Part 1

It's the hidden PS3 manual. Be a PS3 power-user in minutes.

22 Amazing PS3 tips

1)Play games from any country

It's true. Unlike PSone or PS2 you can now buy games from anywhere in the world and play them on your UK PS3 - there's no region encoding. We recommend going for American games though because they'll be in English... Note: This only applies to PS3 games - foreign PSone and PS2 games still won't work on your UK PS3.

2) Play movies from any country
In the mag recently, we said Blu-ray discs are region-free. And some are - but region-locking turns out to be at a publisher's discretion. We've had some discs work fine, but others - like, for instance, Rocky Balboa - just don't. Stick with UK discs, that's our advice. For more, see here

3) Wake your PS3 up by remote control
Here's a cool trick. Shut down your PS3 but keep the power switch on the back set to 'on', and your PS3 will sap next to no power but be sat ready and waiting for you - the red light on the front shows that it's still there. Now turn on a pad (by pressing the PS button) and your PS3 will spark up ready to link with it.

4) The secret video reset
Taken your PS3 round your mate's house? Or simply moved from living room to bedroom? Unable to see your PS3's picture because you can't change your TV-settings? Simple fix: Shut down your PS3 then restart by pressing and holding the power button. This will reset your PS3 to its most basic 480p graphics mode so you'll be able to see enough to choose RGB SCART, component, HDMI or whatever from here.

5) Install another operating system
Yes, turn your PS3 into a fully featured Linux-based computer. Full instructions later this week...

6) See how much charge is on your pad
Never be caught short again. Press and hold the PS button on any joypad. The an on-screen indicator will appear, showing your pad's charge as a small battery. A full battery pic means a fully-charged pad.

7) Broadcast to your PSP
On your PSP go to Settings, then Network Settings. Infrastructure Mode, New Connection, Enter Manual. Go to SSID can call this new connection something obvious - like 'PS3'. Go to the WLAN Security Setting and edit the SPA-PSK (AES) setting. Enter the WPA key - this is an eight letter password to identify your PS3. On the PS3, go to Settings, Network Settings, Remote Play Connection Settings. Enter the same SSID name (ie, 'PS3') and enter the same WPA key (i.e. 'password'). Almost done. Go to Network on your PS3, choose Remote Play. It'll start looking for your PSP. Pick up your PSP and go to Network and select Remote Play on your PSP. Your PS3's menus will now appear on your PS3's screen. Drive around with the PSP D-pad.

8) Get game saves off the internet
Stuck on a game? Chances are someone out there has already beaten that boss for you and saved their game afterwards. Google 'PS3 game saves'. There are hundreds of finished and half finished game saves all over the internet. Download the save you want - it'll come in a 'PS3' folder that you can lift onto a USB stick and put into your PS3. Go to the Game menu, choose your stick and the game save you downloaded should be right there. Press Triangle to copy it to your hard drive.

9) Make free video phone calls
You will need a USB headset (like the one you use for PS2 SOCOM) and an EyeToy camera. Plug in both via USB then go to your Friends menu. Choose a friend (you do have one, right) and press Triangle. Choose Start New Chat and type a message. Something like 'Videochat?' should do the trick. Now, providing they're in front of their powered-up PS3 (perhaps you could text them to tell them to be in position?) then they'll see your message and be given the option to accept your videochat. Now, provided they too have a camera and headset, two windows will open showing yourself (so you can make sure you're looking your best) and your mate. Best of all you can hit Triangle again and invite more people to join your chat - up to a maximum of six. And the cost? Not a bean above your usual broadband connection charges.

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