Win brilliant things!

Well, 'brilliant' might be overselling it...

As you might know, Dave went to GDC recently, and came back with a massive bag full of promo things that we're going to give away to one lucky reader. What things exactly? Well...

One Sony-branded GDC bag
A blue frisbee with flashing lights
Several tedious industry magazines
Some Pandemic temporary tattoos
A miniature rugby ball
An IBM notepad
Some GDC post-it notes
A CD containing Columbia College Chicago's 2007 prospectus
An ETRI (no, us neither) name tag
A Sony Ericsson pen
Some Miner's Gold candy
Two dice
A Hershey's chocolate square
A badge advertising the Vancouver Film School
A copy of Magic The Gathering on PC
A Ubisoft drinks holder
An Insomniac egg-shaped container (think inside of a Kinder egg) containing some unidentified Blutack-esque goop
A THQ wristband
A broken lollipop
A GDC 05 badge (yes, we know it's 2007)
An Organic Motion-branded marker pen
A Sony pencil
A Vivox-branded pen

Yes, you could be the lucky person who owns all this cra- fantastic stuff. How? Easy.

Just send us an email, subject line 'GDC bag comp', to Do include your name and address or we can hardly send you your prize. We'll pick someone at random and get the goods out to the winner at, oh, some unspecified point in time.