Your Dream Arcade

What would you like to see in yours?

We love Xbox Live Arcade. Sure we do. But we can't help but think Microsoft have missed a trick or two with their choice of games so far. Frogger?? Come on.

Here in the office we've all got our own personal faves that we'd love to see brought to the platform. Some old, some really old - and although we may never see them make the jump to XBLA, we've compiled them into a nice manageable list, just for you to snigger at.

Here's what each of us would like to see:

Tim - Goldeneye
Pete - Speedball 2
Mike - Marathon
Alex - Parodius
Jem - Dizzy
Hoody - Halls of the Things
Craig - Command and Conquer

Feel free to bash and/or applaud our choices in the comments below.

So what about you? What games would take pride of place in your dream Arcade?

You never know... someone might be listening.