Test Drive Unlimited

There are over 100 cars in Oahu's showrooms. Here's how to swiftly earn cash to buy 'em, and which ones are the best...

until the wheels come off...
Set foot on Oahu and you're faced with a gameworld so large that it's almost overwhelming. Don't panic! Below you'll find a beginners' guide that gives you everything you need to know about how to earn cash, which rides are the best, how to unlock all the Achievements and plenty more bits and bobs besides.

Once you've touched down on Oahu there's a little tutorial that guides you through some of the game's basics and it's all very straightforward. The only thing to note here is when it comes to renting a vehicle, don't bother with anything fancy-pants, it's a waste of cash. Rent the Chevrolet SSR for just the ten minutes then finish the tutorial.


There isn't a massive choice of vehicles in your price range when you start out and they're much of a muchness really. Your best bet is to hit the Audi showroom and get the TT Quattro Sport, which has more than enough under the bonnet to win Gold in the first set of challenges. It's certainly going to beat walking, anyway.

Flipping to the map you'll see there's a small clutch of Rookie races and challenges available, all centred around the main city in the south of the Island. Hammer through all of these to earn yourself a decent wodge of cash. Unless you're desperate to visit the Ben Sherman or Mark Ecko shops for new threads, we'd suggest ignoring the Hitchhiker and Top Model missions as success is rewarded with clothes vouchers. Cash is more pressing an issue at the moment.

We've found that races versus the AI opponents don't present much of a challenge, both at the start and throughout the game, providing you've got a motor that's roughly equal in performance to those you're racing against. However, if you are finding it a little tricky, the golden ticket to victory lies in the braking and cornering. The AI are way too conservative in this area, so try and avoid hard braking on corners unless it's really necessary, instead lifting your finger off the accelerator to reduce speed before jumping back on it to power through the apex of the turn. This works a treat on multi-lane roads where there's plenty of room to manoeuvre and you'll leave your rivals trailing far behind.

By now you should have unlocked a couple of Achievements and also unlocked the game's Amateur challenges, which require an E Class vehicle. The understandable temptation is to hit the showrooms and splash all that cash you've won on a new ride. We'd suggest restraint! Don't make a purchase, there's a better way. First of all, though, take your existing car and go on a little driving tour to the south east of the island. Flip the map on and you'll see a bunch of Amateur races around that area. Drive to them in your F Class car so that you're able to jump to them at any time (you'll have learnt about that from the game's hints).


So you've highlighted a bunch of Amateur races. Now you want to head over to the car rental place by the airport, the one you visited upon landing in Oahu. Got there? Great. Now rent the Pontiac GTO for a 20 minute period, which'll cost you peanuts. Now you can use the map to flip to those Amateur races you highlighted. The Pontiac, plus using that braking/cornering technique mentioned above, should net you victories in the races (and hence plenty of dollarage) while a little more driving skill is needed to nail the speed challenges. But not much.

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