Canis Canem Edit - Socialsing explained

We guide you through the socialising system in Rockstar's latest star pupil

Schools are noisy places, and Bullworth Academy is no exception. The corridors echo with the noise of students talking, playing, shouting and jeering. Socialising is a major part of your daily life and playing as Jimmy Hopkins, the game's protagonist; you'll be able to interact with every one of the characters you'll come across.

As you travel around Bullworth Academy and the surrounding town, you'll often hear passers-by muttering to themselves or shouting insults your way. These may be directly related to something you have just done, something you are wearing or just because you are a new kid with a bad reputation. Every individual student and adult in the game has their own unique personality and with over 100 characters to meet, you are in for quite an experience.


Bullworth really is an independent and dynamic world which is synonymous with the world of a teenager at school. The 'living, breathing world' is an over used tag in open world games, but with Bully the player will truly see highly complex interactions happening on the fly.

Stop a while and listen to a group of pedestrians talking and you'll notice that they're having realistic conversations with each other. These conversations can go on for minutes and often relate to recent events in the game. As well as adding humor to the game, these realistic conversations immerse you deep into the environment and into the character of Jimmy Hopkins.

Whenever you approach another character, you will have the option of interacting with them in either a positive or a negative way; the choice is down to you. With a multitude of possible interchanges, you can make deals, pull pranks like sticking a "kick me" sign on a student's back or try to pinch a girl's bum, you can flirt with the girls at Bullworth and, if you play it really smooth, you may even be able to move in for a kiss!

As the protagonist, it is important to note that you will have to live with the consequences of your actions which can range from a cheery greeting, a jealous girl fighting a rival for your attention, to the local police arresting you for causing trouble.