Need for Speed Carbon

Carbon rips up the 'net with Turf Wars and a slew of extra goodies for racing nuts!

Just in case you've recently emerged from under a rock, Need For Speed Carbon is the latest instalment in EA's best-selling series. Pushing pedal to the metal in free-roaming burn ups on city streets, the sequel additionally thrusts players into tension-filled canyon racing where they go tyre-to-tyre, throbbing engine to throbbing engine with rival crews. Turbos start firing on November 3 but a precursor to the petrol-fuelled madness is now available via web-based game Turf Wars.

Turf Wars is reminiscent of that great old classic Snake. Action takes place on a rectangular grid, cars represented by a blinking and continually moving square cursor and the idea is to rack us as many points as possible through territory capture - which is achieved by creating squares and rectangles on the grid. Bonus points and power-ups - such as nitro speed boost - can be collected too.

Try not to crash. You'll lose. Or if an opponent captures you in a territory square, you'll lose. And you can't drive across enemy turf - unless you nab the Dozer power-up. Numerous play options are available including match-making online and individual player and crew challenges. Plus, a rankings leaderboard reveals where you stand in the Turf Wars. Currently we're, ah, a little low down but it's strangely compelling so more play time beckons.

In addition to the Turf Wars game, the website has a number of other fun little Need For Speed Carbon-related goodies: AutoSculpt, a feature present in NFS Carbon, allows you to customise a variety of cars by modifying wheels, hoods, and other body parts and then give it your own paint job; Icon Engine allows you to create your own unique crew logo that you can download and use as a tag; and in Social Skins you'll find a variety of downloadable skins for your very own Need For Speed Carbon blog!

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